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Mastoidectomy is an operation to remove disease in the middle ear cavity, mastoid antrum and mastoid air cells. (The bony structure behind the ear)


Who needs the operation?
People who have Cholesteatoma, acute mastoiditis, some cases of chronic suppurative otitis media need the surgery.

Surgical risk and possible complications:

  • Commoner risk:
    Recurrence and residual disease, infection, bleeding, worsening of conductive hearing loss, taste loss or disturbance, allergic reaction to packing, dizziness.
  • Less common risk (<1%):
    Facial nerve injury, partial to total sensorineural hearing loss, ear canal stenosis, pinna deformity due to infection of pinna, intracranial injury.

What would happen if NO operation?
Persistent infection, intracranial complications such as meningitis (inflammation of the brain membrane) and intracranial abscess ( pus in the brain area) facial nerve paralysis, infection of inner ear will result.


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