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If vocal cord polyp or vocal cord nodule persists despite voice rest, speech therapy and medications, surgical excision is required. Excision of such nodules or polyps has to be performed with the aid of micro-laryngoscope.

Who needs the operation?

Lesions in the larynx and related area 

Why having the operation?

Improve the voice quality, Relief airway obstruction, Obtain biopsy for histology, Excise lesion in selected cases
Surgical Risk and possible complications:

  • More than 1% risk:
    Bleeding, pain, infection, trauma to oral tissue
  • Less than 1% risk:
    Teeth injury causing loosening, fracture and pain

* Temporal-mandibular joint injury causing pain, trismus and sublaxation
* Voice changes
* Upper airway obstruction
* Postoperative pulmonary edema
* Cervical spine injury
* Loss taste, temporary to permanent
* Death due to serious surgical and anesthetic complications



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