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Why am I hoarse?

Hoarseness is usually caused by a problem in the vocal cords, such as Cord Polyps, Nodules, and Paralysis. Most cases of hoarseness are associated with inflammation of the larynx (Laryngitis). Persistent hoarseness (lasts for weeks or months) may be caused by a variety of problems ranging from trivial to dangerous.


Other Casues for Hoarseness:
Excessive use of the voice (as in shouting or singing); Allergies & Postnasal drip; Excessive use of irritating substances (e.g. alcohol or tobacco); Coughing; Viral infection; Gastric reflux; Tonsillitis; Ingestion of a caustic liquid; Foreign body ingestion; Cancer of the voice box (Laryngeal cancer).


My voice comes hoarse, what can I do?

Hoarseness of voice may be caused by the abnormal growth on the vocal folds (e.g. thickened cords, nodules, etc), that would lead to irregular vibration or incomplete closure of the vocal folds. Improper use of our voice is one of the common reason for these abnormal growth.

ENT Specialist and Speech Therapist can give your professional advice to restore your voice quality.

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I suffer from persistent sore throat, what should I do?


- drink more water
- have enough rest
- have healthy diet

- throat clearing or coughng excessively
- speak in a too loud/soft volume, or talk excessively
- eat spicy, oily or deep-fried food
- stay in dusty or dry environments
- takes medications without doctor's advice


In winter or in dry environment, how to keep my larynx in good health?

As it is important to maintain adequate hydration to maintain the elasticity and consequently good movement of the vocal folds during voice production, in winter, we can:

- drink more water (2 litres)
- keep environment moist (e.g. humidifier)
- avoid breathe through the mouth
- avoid eating the deep fried/ spicy food
- consult your doctor immediately for any symptom of rhinitis


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